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The TLD reference chart is a great way to find information specific to a Top Level Domain (TLD).  Click on the filter icon and select one of the preset filters such as "Privacy not available".  This filter will list all the TLDs that do not offer WHOIS privacy.  Another filter, "Deleted before expiry date", will show TLDs that are deleted a number of days prior to the expiry date if not set to auto-renew or if not manually renewed by then.  Browse through the list for other useful views.  Major registries are also listed in the preset filter view. 


You can also sort a column by clicking on the drop down icon on the upper right corner of a column.  


After sorting a column, you can choose to display only the information matching the criteria you want.  In the example below, we will be displaying TLDs that are managed by the registry Afilias.  

  1. Click on the filter icon in the "Registry provider" column.
  2. Clear out all selections.
  3. Select "Afilias" to display.
  4. Click "OK"


The result is a list of TLDs managed by Afilias:


Some cells have a black triangle on the upper right.  Mouse over the cell to see more information. 


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