Is OpenSRS right for me?

OpenSRS is a great option for businesses and individuals looking to provide domains. email, and trust services to their clients. We're a wholesale provider, so we might not be the right choice for everyone. 

This article will provide some insight on if OpenSRS is the right fit for you.

Retail vs. Wholesale

OpenSRS is a wholesale provider. This means that we provide the resources for businesses to resell domains and other services to their clients.

Individuals looking for domains for themselves would be best suited to use a retail registrar like Hover. Retail registrars provide more individualized support for day to day account usage. 

Isn't a wholesale registrar cheaper than a retail registrar?

Not necessarily. Many retail registrars sell domains at a loss in order to encourage clients to purchase add on services like email or web hosting. They may provide lower per domain pricing during promotions, but wouldn't have the bulk and API tools needed for businesses to sell domains to their clients. This is where wholesale providers like OpenSRS are ideal. 

OpenSRS offers volume pricing for high-volume resellers. Volume pricing typically applies for resellers with over 1000 domains. Contact our sales team for details. 

Which businesses are a good fit for OpenSRS?

Any business that has a need to sell domains or other OpenSRS services to their clients are welcome to signup.

Our usual clients include:

  • Web hosting providers
  • Website designers and developers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Email service providers
  • Companies that provide other services to individuals and businesses that may benefit from a domain

Reseller Responsibilities

Being an OpenSRS reseller comes with certain responsibilities. These include:

  • Providing support to the people you sell OpenSRS services to, even after they may have cancelled other services with you.
  • Keeping up with ICANN policies and OpenSRS system changes
  • Enforcing ICANN and registry policies

If your clients require domains or other OpenSRS services, but you do not have the resources to support them properly in managing those services, we would recommend you refer them to a retail registrar instead of becoming a reseller. 

Technical Expertise and Support

As a wholesale provider, most of our resellers are familiar with the services we provide to some degree. If you are completely unfamiliar with what a domain is or why you may need one, OpenSRS is likely not the right fit for you. 

OpenSRS provides 24x7 support to our resellers, so we're always here to help. We have a variety of knowledgebase articles and self-help resources available as well. We don't expect all of our resellers to be domain experts, but if you are completely new to the industry, a retail registrar is likely a better fit for you



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