Which TLDs should I offer to my clients?

OpenSRS offers hundreds of different TLDs to choose from. Depending on how you choose to sell OpenSRS services, additional work may be required to offer a particular TLD. For those using our API, certain TLDs require more information to be collected during registration which will need to be coded into your application.

It is important to consider the details of each TLD prior to introducing it to your clients to ensure you only offer TLDs which are a good fit for your business.

This article will outline some considerations to make when choosing to offer a TLD. 

gTLDs vs. ccTLDs

There are two main types of TLDs, gTLDs (Generic TLDs) and ccTLDs (Country Code TLDs).

gTLDs tend to have few or no requirements for registration like .COM. These TLDs are relatively easy to implement and support as they have a unified set of procedures. 

ccTLD's such as .CA for Canada are issued by the registry of a particular country. ccTLDs tend to have unique registration requirements such as a local presence requirement, so additional thought is required before offering these TLDs. 

Local Presence Requirements

Some TLDs have local presence requirements so they can only be registered by registrants located in a particular geographic location. For example, .DE domains require local presence in Germany and .NYC domains require local presence in New York City.

if you have few or no customers based in these regions, it may not make sense to offer TLDs with local presence requirements. 

Our TLD Reference Chart lists the local presence requirements for each TLD we offer.


TLD pricing is set on a per registry basis and can range from $5 per year to $2500+ per year. You may wish to only offer TLDs that fit into the average budget of your clients.

While there is no harm in offering a TLD and receiving no orders for it, you might consider focusing on offering TLDs that will actually sell, especially if the TLD requires special implementation to offer it. 

Support Considerations

Every TLD you offer may open you up to unique support considerations. For example, offering UK domains means you will need to explain the UK Data Quality requirements to clients.

The great thing about most gTLDs is that they all behave the same way with a consistent set of registration, renewal, expiry, and redemption policies. This means that you will tend to have less support questions about these TLDs. 

It's important to review the policies of a TLD prior to offering it to ensure you understand the potential questions that may come from registrants. 

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