.CORSICA Domain Policies

In order to register a .corsica domain, you must meet at least one of these requirements:

1. Legal entity in Corsica

A company headquartered in Corsica or company having its head office outside Corsica but a secondary establishment registered in Corsica.

2. Individuals living in Corsica

The applicant may be a French or foreign citizen with a physical address valid on the territory of Corsica.

3. Nexus to the Corsican community Diaspora and link to the Corsican community

Any individual who has and will prove a direct or indirect link attachment (economic, social, cultural, familial, historical or otherwise) with Corsica.

In addition to the criteria stated above, the Registrant of a domain name in .corsica is obliged, if he creates a website, to create and maintain in Corsican language at least one page of its website in.corsica. This Corsican language page will be registered on its home page and be published at the latest, three months after the publication of the website.

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