.HU is the ccTLD for Hungary. 

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart. Domain registrations are typically processed within 15 days. The admin contact of the domain must have a local presence in Hungary in order to register a domain name. This contact must provide the ID card number from their passport in order to verify the local presence. 

Nameserver Requirements

The .HU registry has the following requirements for nameservers before a domain can be registered:

  • At least two nameservers located on different networks
  • A functioning MX record with a postmaster@ email address
  • The nameservers must serve a correct zone file for the domain with proper syntax

Registrants can perform a DNS check here.

Conditional Use

Once a domain registration has been completed, the registry publishes a list of delegated domains on their website. The public has 8 days to submit a complaint against the registration of the domain. During these 8 days, the use of the domain is conditional and can be revoked based upon a complaint received during this time. More details on this policy are available on the .HU domain registration rules

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