.RO Domain Policies

.RO is the ccTLD for Romania. The registry is managed by Internet Service Romania.  

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart

Contact Requirements

There are no local presence requirements for this TLD, but the registrant contact must provide additional information in order to register a .RO domain.

Individuals registering a .RO domain must provide their ID card number. This is a 13 digit number for those living in Romania and if the contact is from Romania, this field will be checked for syntax. To confirm syntax, please see this article on the Romanian ID Card. 

Businesses registering a .RO domain must provide their business registration number as well as their VAT or tax number. VAT numbers can be checked for syntax here.

If an invalid ID card or VAT / tax number has been provided, the order will fail with the following error:

The order cannot be processed because at least one of the specified contacts () has not been accepted by the registry. Missing data for a mandatory field. : nrc=501065

Transfer Requirements

In order to process a trade of a .RO domain from another registrar to us, we require documents to verify the ownership of the domain. Once you have submitted a transfer request for a .RO domain, please contact our support team and we will advise on what documents we need. 

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