How to create an empty/new Storefront user account

Q: Why would you need to create an empty Storefront user account? 

A: For a new customer, the Storefront account is created during the initial domain purchase.  However, if your customer wants to change their username, you will need to create an empty Storefront account first before moving domains from one user account to another. 

Essentially, you will go through the steps to register a new domain as a new customer.  The purchase flow will ask you to setup a user account.  Follow the prompt until the user is setup.  Do NOT click on "Buy Now" at the very end.  The user account would then be setup without any domain purchased.  

Detailed steps: 

1. Go to your Storefront and search for a random, made-up domain.



2. Click the checkmark box next to the domain name and click "Done". 


3. Select the Registration term and click "Done". 


4. Fill in the "First-Time Customers" contact info section with the customer's info. Click "Register and Continue". 



5. You will now see the message “New User Account Successfully Created” 

Note: Ensure that you do not click "Buy Now" as this will attempt to register the domain. 


6. The new Storefront user account has been created and can now be used. 




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