How to troubleshoot Reseller Control Panel blank page when loading

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This article will outline troubleshooting steps for users experiencing a blank page when loading the Reseller Control Panel.  The control panel may sometimes store outdated session data in the cache of the browser, causing the page to appear blank. Our development team is working to resolve this matter, but in the meantime, this article will assist you in loading the page. 

Here are some steps you can take in order to resolve this issue:

  1. If you are on a Mac, press shift and click on the reload icon. If you are on a PC, press ctrl + F5.  This will clear the cache for our website without clearing the cache for other websites.   
  2. Ensure you have given the page enough time to load. Since there is no loading icon, many users see the blank page and assume the page is broken. Give the page at least 30 seconds to load, especially if it is your first time loading the page, or if you have a slow internet connection.
  3. Try accessing with the browser in incognito/private browsing mode. The page will take longer to load with no cached files, so ensure you give the page enough time to load.
  4. Try login via the RWI ( first, then click on the large orange “Use the new OpenSRS Control Panel” button on the top center. Please wait about 30 seconds for the page to load first.
  5. Try using another browser/computer that you don't usually use, preferably one without plugins or extensions installed
  6. Try clearing all browser cookies and cache and give the page sufficient time to load after doing so. Below you will find instructions on how to clear your browser cache / cookies.
  7. If you are still unable to load the Reseller Control Panel, please contact our support team and copy and send us the the content from

How to clear cache / cookies on Google Chrome

  1. On your browser toolbar, click the More menu which looks like this:
  2. Point to More tools, and then click Clear browsing data.
  3. In the "Clear browsing data" box, click the checkboxes for Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Cached images and files.
  4. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Choose beginning of time to delete everything.
  5. Click Clear browsing data.

How to clear cache / cookies on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button which looks like this:  and choose Preferences.
  2. Select the Advanced panel.
  3. Click on the Network tab.
  4. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.

How to clear cache / cookies on Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11

  1. Hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  2. Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies 
  3. Click Delete.
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