.EU Domains and Brexit

EURID the .EU registry has launched information on Brexit-related domains.  In short, Registrants are expected to update their .EU domains to associate their domain's individual ownership, or established organization to a country of the European Union wherever legal. This of course, no longer includes the United Kingdom.

Applicable countries

Applicable countries in CC format are as follows:

AT => "Austria",
BE => "Belgium",
BG => "Bulgaria",
CY => "Cyprus",
CZ => "Czechia",
DE => "Germany",
DK => "Denmark",
EE => "Estonia",
ES => "Spain",
FI => "Finland",
FR => "France",
GR => "Greece",
HR => "Croatia",
HU => "Hungary",
IE => "Ireland",
IT => "Italy",
LT => "Lithuania",
LU => "Luxembourg",
LV => "Latvia",
MT => "Malta",
NL => "Netherlands",
PL => "Poland",
PT => "Portugal",
RO => "Romania",
SE => "Sweden",
SI => "Slovenia",
SK => "Slovakia"

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How will this impact a registrant's .EU domain as an individual/organization based in the United Kingdom?

  • An EU domain's registrant is considered an individual if the organization field is blank and a 'Country of Citizenship' field is populated.


  • An EU domain's registrant is considered an organization if the organization field is populated with a valid organization established in the European Union.

EURid will gradually suspend, withdraw, and inevitably revoke your registrant's domain over the below periods. Resellers should proactively begin addressing at-risk domains and communicate the actions required to eligible registrants.

Phase Period Start Period End What happens
Warning Phase   Dec 21st, 2020 EURid will directly contact the registrant warning them of their continued non-compliance
Phase #1 Jan 1st, 2021 June 30th, 2021 Domains will enter a SUSPENDED state. This will prevent DNS resolution, consequentially disrupting mail, web, and other services associated with the hostname. Resellers can still make the compliant changes via regular means.

EURid will no longer accept new registrations with UK-based individuals and organizations.
Phase #2 July 1st, 2021 January 1st, 2022 Domains will enter a WITHDRAWN state. The reseller and registrant will lose the domain. A restore cost will be charged
Phase #3 January 1st, 2022   Domains will become REVOKED. EURid will release the domains back into general availability at their own discretion.

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How do I update the domain's contact handle to ensure compliance?

During the Warning Phase:

This action can be performed in the reseller control panel or via the modify (include valid tld_data for individuals) API request.

During Phase #1:

This action can be performed in the reseller control panel or via the modify (include tld_data attribute for individuals) API request. There will be a waiting period of 72 business hours~ as EURID will manually process the request.

During Phase #2:

Email help@opensrs.com with the new contact handle details for each impacted domain. There will be up to a 96 business hour turnaround for changes to take effect. The reseller's account will be charged a restore fee and the domain life-cycle's createday+expirationdate will reset to match the date of restoration.

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How can the registrant reinstate their domain if it gets withdrawn?

During Phase#2 (July 1, 2021) domains will be moved to WITHDRAWN status. Unless reinstated, these domain names will be revoked and made available for general registration on 1 January 2022.

If the last domain holder wishes to reinstate a domain name into the “REGISTERED” status, they must contact EURid directly via email at info@eurid.eu and follow the reinstatement procedure (so the domain can be transferred back to OpenSRS).

They will have to submit a request form provided by EURid. EURid will then evaluate the request. If they accept the request, they will activate the domain name with the registration data provided in the request by moving it to a dedicated EURid Brexit holding account. The domain name status will be updated to ‘REGISTERED’. They will add a one-year term to the registration.

Additionally, The holder of a reinstated domain name will be invited to log into their ‘My.eu’ account by EURid and obtain a transfer authorization code that can be provided to a registrar of their choice.

Note: All questions regarding reinstating withdrawn domain names need to be directed to info@eurid.eu.

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