OpenSRS pricing structure FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I set my customer's price if my own price might change?

A: At the end of every calendar year, we’ll conduct a performance assessment to determine your pricing plan for the following calendar year. You will be given proper notice of this price change, but it’s important to note that this yearly assessment may culminate in a price reduction if you qualify for a higher-discount plan. 

Q: I had a bad year this year. Can you make an exception based on previous years?

A: Unfortunately, we had to settle on some criteria to determine where current resellers would be placed. If you feel you should have been placed in a different pricing plan, we encourage you to contact support.

Q: I have sub-resellers. Do I have to adjust my pricing for them manually?

A: Yes, you are expected to adjust the price for your sub-resellers accordingly.

Q: Do premium domain sales count towards domain spend?

A: Yes, premium domain sales will count towards domain spend.

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Q: Do redemptions and renewals count towards domain spend?

A: Yes, they count towards total domain spend but not towards transactions. Only new registrations and transfers count towards the transaction requirement.

Q: Does contact privacy count towards domain spend and transactions?

A: No, contact privacy does not count towards either requirement.

Q: Do the transactions and revenue spend from my sub-resellers count towards my targets?

A: Yes, if you have sub-resellers, their transactions and revenue will count towards your target.

Q: How do promotions work? 

A: We will continue to offer domain promotions and will extend the same promotional price to all resellers. Resellers in growth or enterprise plans may sometimes find that the promotional price for a particular TLD is higher than their normal price. In all cases, the lowest price will always remain in effect. Promotional discounts will not be compounded with plan-based discounts.

Promotional prices based on sign-up or channel-wide offers will continue to remain in effect until their scheduled end date. Here again, the lowest price, whether that be the plan-based price or the promotional price, will always remain in effect.

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