Troubleshooting reseller control panel blank page when loading

The Reseller control panel may sometimes store outdated session data in the browser's cache, causing users to experience a blank page. Our development team is working to resolve this matter. We have compiled a list of the best steps to take before reaching out to support.

  • Reload your browser.
    • For a Mac (iOS), press shift and click on the reload icon.
    • For a Windows machine, press Ctrl + F5.  This will clear the cache for our website without clearing the cache for other websites.   
  • Ensure you have given the page enough time to load. Since there is no loading icon, many users see the blank page and assume the page is broken. Give the page at least 30 seconds to load, especially if it is your first time loading the page or having a slow internet connection.
  • Try accessing the reseller control panel with the browser in incognito/private browsing mode. The page will take longer to load with no cached files, so ensure you give the page enough time to load.
  • Try login via the Classic control panel first, then click on the Use the new OpenSRS Control Panel button to toggle back to the Reseller control panel. 
  • Try using another browser/computer that you don't usually use, preferably one without plugins or extensions installed.
  • Try clearing all browser cookies and cache and give the page sufficient time to load after doing so. It is best to search the steps on how to clear browsing cookies and caches to get the most up to date information. 

If you are still unable to load the reseller control panel, please contact our support team.

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    Greg Makuch

    Do you not think it's high time to fix this it has been occurring for way too long now.
    I just renewed 3 domains took me almost 15 minutes for screens to reload refreshing etc The reseller's pages (the new one where you get PAID!) have multiple javascript error in it no matter the browser no matter the computer. I still use the old reseller panel and dread paying you as it can take ages to complete that.
    I don't have all that many domains in Tucows anymore! due to this error and many more. The reviews online of Tucows/OpenSRS are numerous and all mostly the same and it seems no one is paying any attention anymore.
    Under a different profile, I have been with Tucows since it started on day one. You use to care what we all thought, it sure does not seem so anymore. It is all the small resellers that helped build Tucows/Opensrs to what it is today. Many of us smaller resellers grew to be large players in the industry and still benefit Tucows every day, why not pay attention to your roots and continue growing generically. That is a much more cost-effective means to grow by satisfying your customers!

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    Henry Abey

    Hi, Greg. Thanks for your feedback. We are always working to improve OpenSRS and appreciate your feedback. If you're continuing to have trouble with the Reseller Control Panel after using this guide in full, please contact us directly for further troubleshooting:

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