Delete email domains

Company administrators can delete any of the domains in a company. When you delete a domain, all of the workgroups and mailboxes in the domain are deleted.
Note: There is currently a known issue in the reseller control panel where the process of deleting email domains does not complete and stays queued under the bulk jobs. Our developers are working on a permanent fix. Meanwhile, please submit all deletions through the Mail administration console(MAC). 

Deleting domains in the MAC

If you are deleting multiple domains, review the list carefully, especially if you used the filters to narrow your search for these domains. If Filtering Keeps Selection is enabled (in Settings), there could be previously selected domains included in this list of domains that will be deleted.

  1.  Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
  2. In the navigation pane, under your company name, click Domains.
  3.  Click the checkbox next to each of the domains you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete Selected. The number on the Delete Selected button changes to reflect the number of domains you selected.
  5. A confirmation appears that lists the domains that will be deleted. Optionally, select Cascade. This deletes any users that are in the selected domains. Review the list carefully.
    Note: Not selecting Cascade requires you to delete the users beforehand, or the deletion will fail. If the domains you are trying to delete contain users and others don't, only the empty domains will be deleted the others will return an error message.
  6. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

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Deleting domains in the Control Panel

  1.  In the Control Panel's Email section, click the Email Domains tab.

  2.  Click the checkbox next to each of the domains you want to delete.

  3.  Click the Delete Domains icon.
  4. A window appears that lists the domains that will be deleted and asks you to confirm that you want to delete the listed domains.
  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.
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