.HOST Landrush (Aug 26 - Sep 15, 2014)


.HOST began the Landrush period on August 26th.  Landrush is a priority registration phase giving your customers the opportunity to register valuable, high quality names in advance of General Availability. Landrush finishes on September 15th(16:00 UTC) and General Availability begins on September 17th(16:00 UTC).


The registry is running a special promotion during the launch of .HOST.  The Landrush application fee of $140 will be fully rebated to all applicants and the Landrush and GA (General Availability) registration fees will have a rebate of $42.50 (50% off) applied by the middle of the following month. This promotion is only active between Aug 26 and Oct 16. and only applies to the first year in the case of a multi-year order.


The rebates make the total cost for a Landrush or GA registration just $42.50 for the first year. Domains registered during Landrush are allocated at the end of the Landrush phase.


Landrush registrations are not First Come First Serve. Multiple requests for the same domain will be settled via registry auction. General Availability is First Come First Serve. Premium domain registrations submitted during landrush will be automatically cancelled by the Registry.


Promotional discounts are paid out in the form of a rebate, deposited into your reseller account by the 15th day in the month following the registration. For example if you place an order on August 29th, your rebate will be applied by September 15th.


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