OpenSRS Management Interface

Here's a listing of the different management systems we use at OpenSRS: 

  • Reseller Control Panel (RCP) - This control panel allows you to manage domains, email, trust, publishing, and other reseller account related settings. 
  • Classic Reseller Interface (RWI - Reseller Web Interface) - the original OpenSRS web interface. This panel can be used for basic domain administration and account settings, but most functionality has moved to the Reseller Control Panel.
  • Mail Administration Console (MAC) - the classic administration console for OpenSRS Email Service. Most functionality within the MAC is available within the Reseller Control Panel. There is a different MAC for Cluster A and B, as well as a MAC that is tied to the Production Test Environment. 
  • Storefront Manager - the area where users of OpenSRS Storefront manage Storefront settings, including pricing, themes and customizations. Customers with domains purchased through Storefront manage their domain settings through an end-user area within the Storefront itself. The Storefront manager is accessible through the Reseller Control Panel. 
  • Manage Web Interface (MWI) - the end-user domain management console that is available if a reseller doesn't provide their own interfaces to manage domain names (DNS, WHOIS information, etc.) 
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    Eric Pretorious

    What about the Dashboard (

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    Eric Pretorious

    There have been lots of changes in the OpenSRS interfaces in 2014.

    Is this KB article still accurate?

    Eric Pretorious

    Technical Operations Manager

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