Webmail 5.6 Release Notes

Known Issues

Updates and Enhancements


  • Added support for Chrome and Safari 4 (Standard interface).
  • Cleaned up the layout of the Standard and Basic interfaces to use the application selector instead of having all applications dashboards combined into one (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Cleaned all the dialog boxes to have "x" at top right corner instead of "close" button (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Added support for pop-up alerts of event and email reminders (Standard interface).
  • Updated safe/block sender functionality on folder viewer to allow the user to choose between safe/block entire email address or the entire domain (Basic and Standard interface).
  • Improved download response times by reducing the size of the Javascript modules of the applications (Standard interface).
  • Added right-click actions to dash-board items of email, address-book, calendar, and RSS applications (Standard interface).
  • Many bug fixes (Basic and Standard interfaces).


  • Added Infinite-scroll functionality for listing emails to replace pagination interfaces (Standard interface).
  • Added ability to horizontally re-size top headers on folder view (Standard interface).
  • Removed the auto-selection of the next message when deleting, reporting spam, moving a message from a folder when application is in two-pane mode (Standard interface).
  • Application will remember, across sessions, the user preferences for: 1) two-pane versus single pane mode, 2) compress versus expanded header display on message viewer (Standard interface).
  • Added a button to clear the search field and to reload the message of the folder being searched (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Changed the behaviour of the folder view so that message check-boxes are not automatically checked. The user has to specifically click on the check-box in order to perform multi-message operations (Standard interface).
  • Added support for CTRL- and SHIFT operations for selecting multiple messages in the folder view (Standard interface).
  • Changed the interfaces for folder management operations to be done through modals (Standard interface).
  • Added ability to intersperse comments between original message on a message reply (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Improved performance and memory consumption when parsing HTML messages (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Improved handling of malformed HTML when parsing messages (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Resolved memory problems when detecting URLs inside message bodies (Basic and Standard interfaces).
  • Improved IMAP back-end access through the use of IMAP SORT command.

Personal Address Book

  • Updated the address-book interfaces to have a three column view instead of the current split pane view (Basic and Standard interfaces).


  • Updated the behaviour of the date picker in the dashboard of the calendar application to remember the selected calendar view (Standard interface).
  • Added a warning message when trying to add an event for a date that has already passed (Basic and Standard interfaces).


  • Updated to improve performance (Standard and Basic interfaces)
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