goMobi October 30 Minor Update Release Notes

Heads up that goMobi plans a minor followup release to the recent v1.7 major release that happened a few weeks back. goMobi says they expect the update to happen on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. (please note the date change)

Like all goMobi releases, there's nothing you need to do as a reseller or goMobi customer. New features will show up on the release date as goMobi updates the application on its servers.

Included in this minor update:

  • Feature names are optional - Can add features/icons without names
  • Opening hours
    • 24 hour support for Opening Hours,
    • Support for Opening hours that go into the next day

  • Site Seo feature enhancements
    • Ability to add Google site verification code to the mobile site
    • Ability to add Google + Id code [The benefit is that the business' Google+ profile appears beside Google search results that contain the mobile site.]

  • Logo feature improvements
    • Displaying the uploaded logo in the feature panel
    • Automatically creating a web app bookmark icon from the logo [a custom one can also be uploaded]
    • Option for business owners to prompt site visitors on IPhone devices to add a bookmark web app icon to their device screen

  • Background image enhancements
    • Automatic resizing of the background images added
  • WYSIWYG improvements
    • Ability to insert YouTube video content into pages
    • Ability to add PayPal and Google check out buttons into pages
    • Ability to insert ads into pages
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