goMobi v1.8 Release Notes

goMobi has informed us that they plan to deploy goMobi v1.8 on Monday December 17th between 7am and 10am GMT. Please note that this release date is subject to change.

The following new features and enhancements to existing features are planned as part of this update:

New features

  • New Site Navigation Menu bar
  • Google + Feature
  • Google + sharing
  • Google Adwords tracking
  • Hiding features from the Home page of the site
  • Creating Subpages
  • ‘Widgets’
  • EU Cookie regulations
  • 24 hour time format
  • Redeemable Coupon tracking


  • Additional Ad Platforms providers and ad placement options
  • Site façade
  • WYSIWYG Editor enhancements
  • Help page 
  • Site Color

More Information

The attached PDF contains more information including screenshots and in-depth explanation of the changes in v1.8.

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