Updated: goMobi v1.8.2 coming on Thursday, March 21, 2013

Note: goMobi has delayed the release of v1.8.2 until March 21, 2013.

On March 12, March 21, goMobi plans to release an update to the goMobi mobile website service. Full details on the new features and enhancements to goMobi are available in a PDF provided by goMobi.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • New feature: Find Us feature - adds "Verify Map Location" in the dashboard when adding your location to the site
  • New feature: New sharing options - business social network LinkedIn has been added
  • New feature: Added the ability to add any 3rd-party source code to features that have a WYSIWYG editor
  • New feature: New Site Cookie notification feature (for EU privacy compliance)
  • Usability improvement: 'Create Page' character restriction removed so users can create pages with more content
  • Usability improvement: Activated features will be displayed at top of Features list for easier editing

A document provided by goMobi detailing the new features and changes is attached.

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    Ian Brayshaw

    Could you consider this for a new feature request. I believe it's quite important.

    It would be great when people click a link to a webpage on our site (say from mobile email), they would view the mobile-friendly version of that webpage, instead of currently redirecting them to the homepage of the mobile site.

    This is not user friendly as then they have to drill down to find that page.

    For example when doing an email campaign and it contains links to blog posts. With 50% or more people viewing email on a mobile phone, they want to see the post, not the homepage.

    Thanks, other than that, GoMobi is very helpful :-)  

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    Will you be fixing the shopping cart bug?  I've been in contact with my reseller (open SRS) about this, but just thought I'd ask.  Open SRS told me that this issue will be fixed in an upcoming release.

    The problem I'm having is that the shopping cart doesn't work, even though I'm using the correct paypal email and I've allowed 3rd party permissions in my paypal account.  When I tested the shopping cart, there was no confirmation that a purchase was made and there was no transfer of funds.  The email I was using to test the shopping cart was different from the one I used to setup the shopping cart (one was my personal email, the other was my business email).  I haven't heard anything yet regarding a fix for this.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Ian Brayshaw

    I believe you need 2 separate paypal accounts to test a transaction.

    Not just 2 different email addresses assigned to the same account, as you have to log in to make a purchase and if it's the account taking the money, it won't allow you. 

    PayPal allows you to have 2 paypal accounts, one for personal and one for business and then you can do test payments back and forth and refund it so no actual money/fees are used/wasted :-)  

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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your help.  I was using my personal paypal account to make a test purchase.  The shopping cart is connected to my business paypal account.  So with two different accounts and 3rd party permissions enabled, it still doesn't work for some reason.  My contact at open SRS support made it sound like this is a big issue goMobi is aware of and will be fixing in an upcoming release.  I hope it's soon, since my business relies on the shopping cart feature!


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    Ian Brayshaw

    You are welcome Jennifer but sorry that didn't fix it as that was what you were doing already. Wasn't sure so had mentioned it just in-case it was a simple issue.

    Hopefully support can help you out and get this sorted as would think it's quite important.

    Does the payment part work if you just link to your current store using the gomobi's optimized version?

    It might not look pretty but functionality of your cart and the the paypal bit might work for now. 

    All the best, Ian

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