One year auto-renewal option for .UK domains

In 2012, support for one-year .UK domain registrations was added to OpenSRS. Effective immediately, we now also have a new one-year auto-renewal option for .UK domains.

By default your reseller account will be set to auto-renew .UK domains for two-years to maintain consistency with how renewals worked prior to the registry introducing one-year terms in 2012.

Please note that this is a per-account setting, and not a per-domain setting and regardless of the auto-renewal setting you choose, you can also still explicitly renew a .UK domain for either one or two years prior to expiry.

Since we are now seeing some of those early one-year registrations come up for renewal, we would like to make sure that you are aware of how to set the default renewal term for .UK domains on your reseller account.

How to Set the Default .UK Renewal Term

You can toggle between one- and two-year renewals in the Reseller Web Interface (RWI) by going to the "Profile Management" section. Click on "Tech Contact Information". Then look in the "Domain Name Options" section for ".UK Auto Renew Years".





Remember that what you select here applies to all .UK domains in your reseller account including domains already registered, regardless of the initial registration term.


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