Change Log for August 2013

The following changes or updates were applied to OpenSRS Services in the month of July, 2013:

OpenSRS Email Service

  • Webmail:
    • Fixed a bug when viewing links in webmail added an additional http://
    • Refresh button now appears when selecting an RSS feed
    • Fixed Danish and other language characters in attachments and header sections that were not displaying properly
    • Fixed a Greek language issue with the Sent Item folder
    • Fixed an 'unable to parse HTML exception' error
    • Fixed a calendar bug when changing an all day event to another time slot
    • Fixed a bug in IE7 that prevented the Address Book from being refreshed when collapsing the dashboard
    • Fixed a calendar bug that showed the wrong time if an event was scheduled from 11:00PM to 11:30PM
    • Fixed a java error when deleting messages
    • Fixed various Greek translation issues

A quick note about this Change Log:

Other bug fixes, and updates to OpenSRS systems that aren't noticeable to resellers are promoted on a weekly basis. This may include updates to support changes made by registries, or other suppliers to their systems. We're always working to improve performance and stability of our systems.

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