Change Log for February 2014

The following changes or updates were applied to OpenSRS Services in the month of February, 2014:

Domain Service: 

  • SRS: Sunrise orders in UCP available for the following TLDs:
  • ccTLDs: Removed 60 day transfer out hold for .IT
  • ccTLDs: .SR total nameservers now a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5
  • SRS: Additional bug fixes for UCP
  • SRS: Additional text area customizable box now available on Registrant Verification Template page
  • SRS: Links can now be formatted with a name on Registrant Verification and Transfer template pages
  • SRS: Added API call to determine if registrant verification was triggered due to a bounce (API: email_bounced)
  • SRS: Fixed a bug that failed to resend verification email in the RWI
  • SRS: Modified text on the registrant verification page so registrants understand they are confirming their contact information
  • SRS: .TC and .VG new registrations and transfers have been disabled
  • SRS: Adjusted postal code validation rules to accommodate countries that do not have postal codes
  • SRS: Postal Codes for Taiwan require at least 3 digits plus an optional 2 digits instead of requiring 5 digits
  • SRS: Trigger a domain status update whenever the domain verification status changes
  • SRS: Enable transfers for .NU
  • SRS: Added TMCH and Whois Privacy charges to monthly statements
  • SRS: .SR nameserver limit is now between 2 and 5
  • SRS: Fixed caching issues in new control panel
  • SRS: Fixed IDN display issues in new control panel
  • SRS: Fixed an issue that in some cases caused a re-prompt for password when clicking the 'Use Classic Interface' link in the new control panel

OpenSRS Email Service

  • Webmail:
    • Fixed: Clicking the back button on the browser now works in IE basic mode
    • Fixed: Unable to Send Message if the message size is greater than the allowed limit
    • Fixed: Webmail now supports folders with the + sign in them
    • Fixed: Outlook 2000 export missing name and home address now fixed
    • Additional bug fixes


  • WHMCS: OpenSRS Domains Pro 1.2 Released - Fixes renewal of expired domains bug and removes clients ability to add whois privacy
  • WHMCS: SSL Module 1.1 Released - Added additional server types
  • WHMCS: Sitelock 1.1 Released - Fixes an issue that caused a cron script to fail when service requires suspension

A quick note about this Change Log:

Other bug fixes, and updates to OpenSRS systems that aren't noticeable to resellers are promoted on a weekly basis. This may include updates to support changes made by registries, or other suppliers to their systems. We're always working to improve performance and stability of our systems.

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