Change Log for March 2014

The following changes or updates were applied to OpenSRS Services in the month of March, 2014:

Domain Service:

  • Storefront: WHOIS privacy support and commission calculation now available
  • SRS: Sunrise orders in the new control panel available for the following TLDs:
  • ccTLDs: .EU support for Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
  • SRS: Claims notices are now sent to registrants who purchase a domain with a label registered with the TMCH
  • SRS: Redesigned landing pages for registrant validation and claims notices
  • SRS: Validate .CA contact information against new registry requirements 
  • SRS: Additional editable text area field on registrant verification and claims template page in the header area
  • SRS: Changes to the lifecyle for .WS
    • .WS: New registrations now have a 5 day "Add Grace Period (AGP)"
    • .WS: Auto-Renewals now have a 45 day "Renewal Grace Period (RGP)"
    • .WS: Deleted domains will enter a 30 day "Redemption Period"
    • .WS: Domains will auto-renew as of Mar 1/14 by default
  • ccTLDs: .BE price increased to $8 for new/renew/transfer per year
  • SRS: Modified agreement process on registrant verification page to be clearer to registrant

OpenSRS Email Service

  • Webmail:
    • Fixed: Incorrect year showing up in message date for Dec 30 and Dec 31
    • Fixed: After browsing several messages, clicking on inbox or any folder will now take the user to the correct page
    • Fixed: File attachments now work on iPad
    • Fixed: Settings/Mail/Blocking/Block Senders List and Safe List now show the proper amount of items on iPad
    • Fixed: Adding a POP account now works properly
    • Additional bug fixes


  • WHMCS: Various bug fixes

A quick note about this Change Log:

Other bug fixes, and updates to OpenSRS systems that aren't noticeable to resellers are promoted on a weekly basis. This may include updates to support changes made by registries, or other suppliers to their systems. We're always working to improve performance and stability of our systems.

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