What are some of the differences between ccTLDs and gTLDs?

Many of the ccTLDs added are not synchronous. That is, there is a delay between when a request is made to OpenSRS and when the request is actually completed with the registry in question. That delay can range from second, to days depending on the registry. Some registries are entirely manual, while others use automated systems.

These new ccTLDs also work differently from a renewals perspective. In OpenSRS, it is assumed that a domain is not wanted if it isn't explicitly renewed prior to expire. In other words, domains in OpenSRS are set to auto-expire unless renewed.

These new ccTLDs operate in the opposite fashion. It is assumed the domain is wanted, unless the domain is specifically set to expire. Many of the extensions can only be renewed at specific times during the life of the domain, and so these domains are set, by default, to renew unless you specifically indicate that the domain is to be allowed to expire. Consult the documentation for more information.

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