Creating or Modifying Nameservers in the Manage Web Interface (MWI)

Before you can list new nameservers on a domain, you must first register them with the Registry.   This is done through the Manage interface at

Login to the domain you wish to create the nameservers under and then click the Nameservers/DNS link at the top.   Scroll down on the page and look for " If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on [domain name] click here. "  Click the link to open the nameserver creation page.

Once you input the information and click the Create Name Server button, the nameserver is created at the registry immediately and can be used.

*Important*  After the nameserver is created, it will only work within the TLD it was created under.  To use the nameserver on all TLDs, also add it using the "Add Nameserver to All Foreign Registries" link in your reseller interface.

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    Eric Pretorious

    The URL is invalid.

    These directions don't address the "classic view" or the "new" control panel.

    Please fix your crappy documentation!

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    Frank L.

    Hi Eric, the URL in the post above has been fixed.   This article is for the Manage Web Interface, I'll create another one for our New Control Panel in the near future.

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    Mandy Owen

    What if I can't even register the domain name via our reseller interface? The nameservers are registered with opensrs and our customers have been

    using them for their domain registrations, for months. Without any success, I already did the suggested: Add Nameserver to All Foreign Registries. 

    This is for a new TLD domain, which is in our "allowed services" list.

    *Name server '' is not found at the registry. Name server '' is not found at the registry


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    Frank L.

    Hi Mandy - You did exactly the right thing to add the nameservers for use on newTLDs.  When you do that, you'll see the very bottom entry saying the nameservers were added to .ACADEMY, which is the first of the newTLDs alphabetically and adds it to all the newTLDs by that registry (donuts).  I found your support ticket in our queue and have replied out with the specific findings I had when investigating your issue.  Please take a look and let me know.

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