Setting domain search criteria in the RWI

In the RWI, you can click the Settings link in the Domain Lookups section to display the number of domain name lookups that were performed during the previous month and see whether the lookup feature is currently enabled. You can specify the TLDs that you want to see in the domain name search results and you can view the number of lookups that were performed each month for the past six months.

Important: This feature is currently only available through the RWI. To access the RWI, click Classic Reseller Interface at the top of the Control Panel.

You can specify the type of name suggestions that you want to see by selecting one or more of the following:

  • Name Suggestion—Domain names that are similar to the one you entered in the Domain Search field.
  • Premium Domains—Domain names that may be purchased from external suppliers. Many desirable domain names may already be taken, but the owners are willing to sell them for a price. The search results show whether the name you entered (or similar names if you also selected Name Suggestion) is available, as well as the purchase price of the available Premium domain names.
  • Generic TLDs Availability—gTLDs include domains such as .ASIA, ,.BIZ, .COM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .TEL and XXX.
  • ccTLDs Availability—Country Code TLDs.
  • Personal Names—Domain names that are based on your own name. When you search for a name using the format firstname lastname, the results indicate whether web and email addresses are available for that name.

To view and configure the Availability settings

1. In the Domain Lookups section, click Settings.

2. Click the checkboxes to enable or disable the default search options. If a service, such as Premium Domains, is disabled, the associated TLDs will not be returned in the search results.


3. Click to select the gTLDs and ccTLDs that you want to see in the search results.

4. In the Number of suggested names drop-down, choose the maximum number of results that you want returned for each search.

5. Optionally, in the Statistics column, click View to access the Statistics page for that service, which displays the number of lookups that were performed each month.
Note: Statistics for the current month are not displayed, and only six months of data can be viewed.



6. Click on a month to display the number of lookups performed each day.

7. Click Submit to save your settings.

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