Register a new gTLDs during the landrush period

What is the Landrush period?

The new gTLDs have a Sunrise phase that is exclusively for those trademark holders who register their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse and purchase domain names that correspond to their trademark. Some TLDs are then offered for sale during a limited period called Landrush. The Landrush phase allows you to apply to register for domain prior to General Availability (GA), but at a higher price. There are no trademark requirements for applicants during the Landrush period the way there is during the Sunrise period, though existing trademark claims are taken into consideration.

For some of the new gTLDs, the domain names are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. For others, all applications are processed at the end of the Landrush period. In the latter case, if there is only one application for a particular name, the registration will be granted, but if there are multiple applications for the same domain name, the name will go to a closed auction at the end of the Landrush period. This auction is not operated by OpenSRS.

During the Landrush Period, domains can be registered for one year.

Submitting Landrush registrations via the Control Panel

To submit a Landrush registrations via the Control Panel

1. In the Domain section of the Control Panel, click the plus sign (+) at the top of the page.

2. Enter the domain name in the text field.

3. Click the boxes to specify the type of search results you want to see - gTLDs, Popular ccTLDs, or More ccTLDs,

4. Click Search.
If you specified the complete the domain name, including the extension, and the name that you want is available, the registration form appears.

On the registration page, the price for the domain is displayed in the Domain Settings section. The cost to purchase a domain name during the Landrush phase is higher than it is during General Availability; however, you have a better chance of getting the name that you want. This section also indicates whether there is a trademark registered against the domain name at the Trademark Clearinghouse.  

If you search for the domain name without specifying the extension, the list of names that you see in the search results depends on the boxes that you checked in step. 3. The list may also include options to place a Landrush order or to place a pre-order that will be processed at GA, provided someone else doesn't register the name during Landrush. For information on pre-orders, see "Placing pre-orders for the new gTLDs".  As with any domain name search, you will also see a list of similar names that are available and can be registered. Click Register Now beside the domain name that you want.

5. Complete the required fields on the registration form, and then click Submit Landrush Application.

Note: If you decide that you do not want to place an order during Landrush and instead want to place a pre order, you don't have to start over again; all you have to do is click the GA Pre-order button in the Domain Settings section, complete the rest of the fields, and click Save as Draft.

Do trademark claims apply during the Landrush period?

Yes. The trademark claims process is the same for domains submitted during the Landrush phase as it is during the Sunrise phase and for the first 90 days of GA.

The registration form has a field called Trademark Claim in the Domain Settings section that indicates whether or not a trademark has ever been registered against the name. If you try to register a domain name during Landrush that matches a trademark that has been registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you will be warned that the name has a trademark registered against it. If you continue with the registration, the trademark holder will be notified that a domain has been registered that matches their marks in the Clearinghouse, and they may choose to dispute that registration.

For more information, see "Trademark Claims Notifications".

Submitting Landrush orders via the API

To submit a registration for any of the new TLDs during their Landrush period, use the "sw_register" command and be sure to specify "reg_type=landrush" when you place the order.

For information on the sw_register command, see the Domains API Commands Reference guide.


Submitting Landrush registrations via the RWI

To submit a Landrush registration via the RWI

1. In Sunrise/Landrush Order Management section of the RWI, enter the name of the domain that you want to register in the the Landrush Orders (New gTLDs) field.

2. Click Apply Now.

3. Complete the registration form, and then click Submit Landrush Application.

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