How is OpenSRS Email Service Billed?

The OpenSRS Hosted Email services are billed on a monthly basis and debited from your reseller account balance at the end of each month.

How do I calculate the total number of mailboxes in my account?

To determine the number of mailboxes in your account, simply login to the OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel. Click on Email, and select “Analytics”. The users page of the analytics will give you an overview of the number of all mailboxes, filters, and forwards on your account. For exact figures, select "monthly" on this page, and use the dropdown in the top right hand corner to download a snapshot of the accounts for the month in CSV format. You can open this CSV file in your favourite spreadsheet program to get a complete overview of your email services usage with OpenSRS.

How much are OpenSRS Hosted Email services?

Current pricing of the OpenSRS Hosted Email Service is as follows:

Full Mailbox (5GB) - $0.50/month
Filter-Only Mailbox: $0.10/month
Email Forwarding Only: $0.02/month

How can I view the amount I was charged for email services?

Under the Payment Information link and the Financial Statements report in your classic reseller control panel, you will see an entry called "Email Services Debit" which will show the amount debited for your email services. You will also receive an email with notice of the Email debit amount on a Monthly basis.  The subject of the email is "OpenSRS Email Service Payment Due In Five Days”. This email gives you notice of the amount you will be charged at the end of the month for email services.

I see domains and users in the Email tab of my control panel that end in .ADM, will I be charged for those users?

These users are generated by our system for the purposes of account administration. Each reseller account has an admin@resellerusername.adm account which can be used for logging into the Mail Administration Console (MAC) to manage your hosted email service. You are not billed for any .ADM accounts, as these accounts cannot receive or send email.


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