OpenSRS Email service billing

The OpenSRS Hosted Email services are billed on a monthly basis and debited from your reseller account balance at the end of each month.

Pricing Structure

  • Standard mailbox costs $0.50/month which includes 5 GB storage.
  • Please do not set mailbox sizes other than the seven tiers listed below.
  • Emails up to 35 MB per email are supported.

Note: 1 GB = 1024 MB. For more information please visit our pricing page or our email agreement

These should be the only sizes, nothing in between

Size in GB Size in MB Price
5 GB 5120 MB $0.50
10 GB 10240 MB $1.00
15 GB 15360 MB $1.50
20 GB 20480 MB $2.00
30 GB* 30720 MB $3.00
50 GB* 51200 MB $5.00
100 GB* 102400 MB $10.00


Calculating the total number of mailboxes in your account

  1. Login to the OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Click on Email, and select Analytics. The user's page of the analytics gives you an overview of the number of all mailboxes, filters, and forwards on your account. 
  3. For exact figures, select Daily/Weekly/Monthly, use the dropdown to download a snapshot of the accounts in CSV format. You can open this CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program. 

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Viewing the amount charged for email services

  1. Login to the OpenSRS Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Click on Billings & Payments.

  3. Select Statements and choose Email invoice.
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select a Statement period.
    Note: The invoice includes a description of the services as well as price and quantity.

You will also receive an email with notice of the Email invoice amount on a monthly basis.  This email gives you notice of the amount you are charged at the end of the month for email services.

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.ADM users

These users are generated by our system for the purpose of account administration. Each reseller account has an admin@resellerusername.adm account which can be used for logging into the Mail Administration Console (MAC) to manage your hosted email service. You are not billed for any .ADM accounts, as these accounts cannot receive or send an email.

Setting user mailbox quota

The maximum user mailbox capacity cannot be greater than the maximum capacity set for the email domain. The maximum capacity for the email domain cannot be greater than the capacity set for the company level. 

Note: Please contact OpenSRS Support if you require mailboxes that are larger than 20 GB.

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