How much storage is included with OpenSRS Email?

  • Standard mailbox costs $0.50/month which includes 5GB storage.
  • Each additional 5GB can be added to a mailbox for $0.50/month.
  • Maximum size you can set on a mailbox is 20GB. 
  • Messages up to 35MB are supported.

Note: 1 GB = 1024 MB. When setting/viewing the disk space, keep this in mind. For more information please visit our pricing page or our email agreement

Please contact support if you require mailboxes that are larger than 20GB.

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    Leonard Frank

    What is the theoretical maximum size that you would support, and what is the raw cost per gig of storage over 5G?



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    I'm also curious about this: what's the maximum size for a mailbox and the additional storage cost?

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    Anton Andriyevskyy

    Please can you tell us how much is 1GB.

    Also what does "Max Quota" mean in mailbox configuration?

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    Mark L.


    All of our accounts are set to be able to have a default mailbox size of 5GB and a maximum mailbox size of 16GB. Should you need more space, please contact support and we will be able to review your request. We recommend purchasing space in blocks of 5GB which is $0.50 each. For example, a 15GB mailbox would be $1.50 per month.


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    David Croft
    I don't understand how a mailbox comes with 5GB, can be incremented in blocks of 5GB, and yet I see multiple references to the maximum being 16GB. Is the maximum 15GB or 20GB?
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    Henry Abey

    Hi David. Previously, the limit was 16 GB. It is now 20 GB.

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