Restore email accounts

If a user account that has been deleted for 30 days or less, you can restore it. The user can be restored to its original name only if that name has not been reused during the period in which the account was deleted. If the name has been reused, it can still be restored, but with a different username.

Restoring user accounts in the Control Panel

1. In the Email section of the Control Panel, click the Email Domains tab and then click the domain that has the deleted user accounts.
2. Click to put a check in the box beside each of the deleted users that you want to restore.
3. Click the Restore Users icon.
4. A window appears that lists the domains that you selected and asks you to confirm that you want to restore all of the listed users.
5. Click Restore.

Restoring user accounts in the MAC

1. Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
2. In the navigation pane, under the domain name, click Deleted Users.
If a user does not appear in the Deleted Users list, the account cannot be restored.
3. You can narrow your search by entering part or all of the name of the user you want to restore in the User field at the top of the page. You can use wildcard characters to represent part of the name. By default, all user types are displayed, but you can choose to view only certain types. Click in the Type area at the top of the page and remove the checkmarks from one or more of the Type boxes. For example, if you want to see only regular mailbox users, ensure that only Mailbox is checked.
4. Click the checkboxes next to the users that you want to restore. The number on the Restore Selected button changes to reflect the number of users that you selected.
5. Verify that the Restore As field displays the correct user name. If you want to restore the user and rename it, enter the new name in this text field.
6. Click Restore Selected.

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