Viewing domains in the Mail Administration Console (MAC)

The Domains tab displays a summary of your company’s domains.

To view domains

1. Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
For more information, see "What is the MAC?"

2. In the navigation pane, under your company name, click Domains.
A page appears that lists all of the domains in your company, along with the following information for each domain:

  • Type—The account type (mailbox, forward, filteronly, or alias).
  • Status—Whether the domain is currently active or suspended.
  • Total—Number of users in the domain, or the name of the only user in the domain.
  • Mailbox—Number of mailbox accounts in the domain.
  • Forward—Number of email forwards defined in the domain.
  • Filter—Number of filter-only accounts in the domain.
  • Alias—Number of aliases defined in the domain.

You can click on any column heading to reorder the domains based on that column.

3. Click a domain to view and modify its properties.

Alternatively, enter the domain name in the Jump box in the top left corner and then press Enter to display the domain. For information about using the Jump box, see "Searching in the Mail Administration Console (MAC)"

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