Please note: Users with standard Mailbox accounts, are not required to set up a FilterMX host. This is only necessary for users with Filter accounts

The Email Exchange (MX) record is the line within the DNS zone file that directs email messages to the appropriate email server. It tells the rest of the world where a mailbox is located. In this case, the FilterMX host is the destination for mail that passes through Filter type mailboxes.

Setting the FIlterMX host in the Control Panel

To set the FilterMX host

1. In the Email section of the Control Panel, click the Email Domains tab.

2. Click the domain that you want to modify and then click the Settings tab.

3. In the Domain Overview section, click Edit.

4. In the Filter MX Host field, enter the hostname or IP address for the target mailserver. You must include the inbound port that accepts connections (usually port 25). For example,

5. Click Save.

Setting the FIlterMX host in the MAC

To set the FilterMX host

1. Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
For more information, see "What is the MAC?"

2. Navigate to the domain that you want to modify. See “Searching in the Mail Administration Console (MAC)”.

3. In the FilterMX field, type the host.

4. Click Update.

OpenSRS Email Service sends your filtered mail from a block of IP addresses. We recommend that you add these IP addresses to your allow list.

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