Reindex email user accounts

If a customer reports that some of their mail messages are suddenly disappearing and you can't discover the cause, you can try regenerating the mailbox index file. Although rare, if the problem was caused by a corrupted index file, reindexing will fix the problem.

Note: This feature is only available to Company and Company Mail administrator levels.

Before reindexing the mailbox, you should check to see if the messages can be restored (using the restore email tool). If the messages are not available to be restored, then you can try reindexing.

Reindexing mailbox will terminate any existing (POP3 and IMAP4) connections, and cause the mailbox to be unavilable for a few minutes

Important: You should only do this if you have ruled out all other causes as reindexing will log off the user if they were logged in, and their mailbox will be unavailable for several minutes.

Reindexing a mailbox in the Control Panel

To reindex a mailbox in the Control Panel

1.  In the Email section of the Control Panel, navigate to the user whose mailbox you want to reindex.
For more information, see "Viewing Email user accounts"

2. From the Actions menu, choose Reindex Mailbox.
A window appears that asks you confirm that you want to reindex the mailbox.

3. Click Reindex.

Reindexing a mailbox in the MAC

To reindex a mailbox in the MAC

1. Log in to the Mail Administration Console (MAC).
For more information, see "What is the MAC?"

2. In the navigation pane, under the domain name, click Users.

3. Click the user name whose mailbox you want to reindex.

4. In the Tools & Status section, click Reindex.

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