Why might a domain-validated SSL certificate be flagged for further review?

Some of the most common reasons for delays in issuing Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates include:

  • WHOIS Privacy protection is being used on the domain in question.
  • Having the name of a Fortune 500 company or large bank in the domain for which the certificate is being requested (i.e. bobsmicrosoftshop.com or mikesbankofamerica.com).
  • Having a mismatch between the first and last name in the order for the certificate and the email address used in the order (i.e. Jane Smith uses an email address of john_doe@example.com).
Using one of the pre-approved email addresses on the domain for which the SSL certificate is being requesting is suggested. These include admin@, administrator@, webmaster@, hostmaster@ and postmaster@.
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