Enable a Symantec Seal

When you view or order a Symantec SSL Certificate, you will see a section called Trust Seal Settings.

If Trust Seal Enabled displays a checkmark, the service is enabled and you can display the Symantec Trust Seal on your website.

When the Trust Seal is enabled, you can also choose to enable Seal In Search. If you put a checkmark next to Seal In Search Enabled, Symantec certifies that your site is free of malware, and Symantec scans your site on a daily basis to verify that the site remains free of malware.

Whenever anyone who is using the AVG anti-virus solution performs a search that returns your website in the search results, they will see the Symantec seal next to the link for your web site.

The status of Seal in Search is displayed in the following three read-only fields:

  • Seal Status: The current state of . The possible values are:
    • Off—The Trust Seal order is pending authorization.
    • Trust Seal—Site has passed the daily malware scan.
    • Secure Seal—Site had failed the daily malware scan and Trust Seal is turned off
  • Malware Scan Status: The result of the Symantec scan. A value is displayed in this field only if Seal Status is Off. The possible values are:
    • Date of the latest successful malware scan.
    • Failed—Scan failed; malware found on site.
    • Pending—Malware scan has not yet been run on the site.
    • Unreachable—Scan not run as site unreachable at DNS level.
    • Unavailable—Scan not run as server accessible, but site down.
  • Last Scan Date: The latest date that a Symantec scan was done. A value is displayed in this field only if Seal Status is Off.

Click Update to save any changes you make to this section or click Cancel to ignore the changes and revert to the last saved settings.


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