Domain Admin interface

OpenSRS supplies an unbranded interface called Domain Admin that allows your customers to manage their own accounts. The Domain Admin URL is where resellername is your Reseller name. The customer logs in using the username and password that you specified when you ordered the SiteLock product.

An unbranded email is sent to the customer to let them know their username and password as well as the URL for the Domain Admin end user control panel. The address to which this email is sent is the one that you specified in the Customer section when you placed the order for the Trust Service product.

Important: To use this feature, the Trust Service order must be associated with a customer account. If you select No Customer Account when you order the Trust Service, the end user will not be able to access the Domain Admin control panel. In that case, you can either provision the Trust Service product for your customer or you can provide your own end user interface.

To resend the Domain Admin login credentials to your customer, view the Trust Service, and in the Customer section, click Send user log-in info.

If the Status is Product - Active or Product - Renewed, you can change the username. You can also change the email address to which the credentials are sent. If you change the Username field or the Email field, remember to click UPDATE to save your changes before you click Send user log-in info.


End-user guide

The attached guide is unbranded, end-user documentation for the Domain Admin interface. You'll need to edit the document to add your own subdomain - your customers should go to {resellername} to manage their Trust services.

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