Enable the Sitelock product and seal

SiteLock offers three website security products, depending on the type of website on which it will be installed: Find, Fix, and Prevent.

  • Find—Provides simple, affordable protection from hackers, blacklisting by search engines, and many other website hazards.
  • Fix—Provides a comprehensive suite of protection and detection tools.
  • Prevent—Offers the highest level of protection for customers who already use SSL, have a shopping cart, databases or are storing customer data on their site.

Every website protected by SiteLock goes under an evaluation which includes:

  • Verification of the website owner's contact information.
  • Checks for malware, viruses, SQL injections and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Verification that the email addresses and servers haven't been included on spam blacklists.

Order statuses

After you place an order for a SiteLock product, you will see two entries in the Status column for the same domain - one that says Order Completed and one that says Product - Active. When you view the Product - Active entry, you will see an option in the Actions drop-down lists called Manage Account. When you choose this options, you are logged in to the SiteLock website where you can verify the account information, view site statistics, and manage the account.

To enable the SiteLock product

1. In the Control Panel, click Trust.

2. Click a domain name to view the associated Trust Service.

3. From the Actions drop-down list, choose Manage Account.
You are automatically logged in to the SiteLock account where you can complete the order and make changes to the account.

4. Follow the steps to complete the order.

Once the process is complete, SiteLock provides you with a Javascript trust seal that you can install on your website.

You can also use the Manage Account link to log in to SiteLock to manage the account and view alerts about issues that can affect the SiteLock seal.


Important notes about ordering Sitelock products

Sitelock orders can be processed via a reseller account or the API.

Please check for potential fraud before placing an order; if you are using API please manage fraud via your payment gateway.

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    Please can you confirm when a supported Sitelock module for WHMCS 6.x will be released?


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