Purchasing the GoMobi Service

To purchase the goMobi Service

1. In the Control Panel, click Publishing, and then click the plus sign (+).
The New Publishing Service page opens.

2. In the Settings section, enter the name of the new mobile domain, and optionally, enter the name of the source domain.

  • In the Mobile Domain text field, enter a name for the mobile site that goMobi will create. The domain name must already exist and be owned by the user, and the mobile name must be different from the Source Domain name. Be sure to include the domain extension, for example, .COM.
  • The Source Domain field is optional; however, if you do specify a source domain, it must be one that resolves or you will get an error. If specified, when you submit the order, goMobi takes information from the source domain and prepopulates your new mobile domain. It publishes the information that it retrieves, though you can edit it in the Site Builder. If you don’t specify a source domain, you will need to manually enter all of the information when you design your mobile domain.

3. In the Customer section, click the radio button that indicates the type of user account to associate with the goMobi service.

  • If you want to base your order on an existing account, select Existing Customer Account and then select the user from the Customer drop-down list.
  • If the order is for a new account, select New Customer Account, and then complete the Username, Email Address, and Password fields. The username and password allow the domain owner to log in to the end user control panel at resellername.domainadmin.com to configure and manage the contents and appearance of their new mobile site.
  • If you select No Customer Account, the service will work; however, the end user will not be able to access resellername.domainadmin.com. In that case, you will have to provide them with a control panel or you will have to configure the mobile site for them.
    Important: If you do not specify a username and password when you order the service, you cannot add it later.

4. Click Submit.



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