.LONDON domain auction details

The .LONDON validation team have been conducting validations on names for which have received multiple applications during the Sunrise and Landrush periods.  

Under London Priority Rules:

- If there is a single applicant with the highest priority category, the applicant will be awarded the name, and the rest of the applications will be rejected. They have started releasing / rejecting applications as per the validation results.
- If there is more than one applicant in the highest priority category, those applicants will be invited to auction. They have started scheduling auctions (first auctions are starting on 30 September 2014).

Here is some information regarding the auctions:

- Sunrise orders take priority over Landrush orders.

- Sunrise and Landrush orders will not necessarily complete before the GA (General Availability) period has started.

- Domains that have pending auctions display this message in WHOIS: "This domain name is still pending validation and/or contention resolution".
- The auction provider is pool.com.
- Auction rules & contact info are on .LONDON auction site: https://domainauctions.london/
- Pool.com will email applicants directly and emails will come from no-reply@pool.com with subject "Account Activation".

- The auction time period is initially one week, however if a bid changes during the last 24 hours, the auction is extended by 24 more hours to allow the other applicants to bid.  Further bids will continue the process of a 24 hour extension until there are no further bids and the auction is completed.

- Please note that the auction fees DO NOT include the OpenSRS domain registration fees. Auction fees also DO NOT include VAT (where applicable) and will be collected in addition to final auction price.


Here is an example email sent to an applicant of a domain with multiple applicants :


From: no-reply@pool.com

Subject: Account Activation

You recently applied for one or more (see list below).LONDON domain
name(s) through ******.


The .LONDON registry has received more than one valid application within
the highest priority category in accordance with the London Priority
Rules for the names listed below. As per .LONDON registry policies and
its London Priority Rules, the domain(s) will be reserved for the
winning bidder in a short auction.

You have been registered as a possible participant in the .LONDON Domain
Auctions. Your account has been automatically created based on the
information provided with your application. Before you can participate
in any .LONDON auction, you must activate your account.

To activate your .LONDON account, please copy and paste the following
link into your browser:


The account activation process includes the ability to set your password
to one of your choosing. Once your account has been activated, you can
begin participating in the .LONDON auctions. We will send you updates
and information regarding the auctions as they become available.

Please note: Once you have activated your account, you will be able to
login using the password you specified during the activation process.


Here is an image of the login page for the .LONDON auction site :

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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