Bulk change requests are visible in the bulk actions queue for two weeks after completion, after which the request will be removed from the queue. To view the current bulk change requests and their status, click on the bulk actions icon in the top right-hand corner of the Reseller Control Panel


Once you click on the bulk actions icon, the bulk actions page opens up, showing the status and details of all the bulk change requests that you have submitted. You can click on the description to view the details of a specific bulk action job. 



The Date/Time column indicates when the change request was submitted.


The Description column indicates the action that is performed.


The Progress column displays the number of items that have been processed out of the total number that was submitted in the bulk change request. The colored bar indicates the progress of the change request and how much of the request was successful or unsuccessful.


The Status column indicates the current state of the change request.

  • Queuing: This is the initial status when a bulk action job is first submitted.
  • Working: The bulk action job is being processed.
  • Terminated: The bulk action job has been manually terminated.
  • Suspended: The bulk action job has been manually suspended and can be resumed.
  • Resumed: The suspended bulk action job has been resumed.
  • Completed: All items in the bulk action job were processed, but not all were successful.
  • Successful: All items in the bulk action job were processed successfully.  

For a bulk action job in progress, you can suspend, terminate, or resume the request if needed. Once a request is suspended, you have two weeks to resume the process. 

Note: You cannot suspend a request that has a status of terminated or completed.

The bulk actions page automatically refreshes every 30 seconds, and you can also click on the Refresh button if you need to refresh the page more frequently. If a change request was not completely successful, you could click on the description to see a list of the unsuccessful items and the reason that each one failed. You can then address the issues and submit another change request. 


You can have up to three active bulk change requests in the queue at a time. If you submit more than three requests, it shows an error to wait for the submitted requests to complete or to cancel any active requests.



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