Check the availability of multiple domains simultaneously

The Availability Check feature allows you to submit a list of domain names and find out whether they are available to be registered. The request checks the registry as well as Premium Domains and Personal Names, and sends a CSV file to the specified email address. The CSV file lists each of the domain names that you sent in the request and indicates whether each name is available. For Premium Domain names, it also indicates the cost to purchase the name.

For Personal Names, you must use the format firstname.lastname. You do not have to include the TLD; however, if you do, the results will be limited to that TLD and will only match the exact first name and last name that you specified.

Important: This feature is currently only available through the RWI. To access the RWI, click Classic Reseller Interface at the top of the Control Panel.

To check the availability of multiple domains

1. In the Domain Management section of the RWI main page, click Bulk Domain Change Management.

2. On the Bulk Domain Change Management page, click Availability Check.

3. In the Item List section, specify the domain names that you want to check.

  • To manually enter each domain: Click Enter a list manually, and then type each domain name, one domain per line, in the Item list textbox.
  • To upload a text file that lists the domains: Click Upload a list of items, and then navigate to the text file that lists the domains.

4. In the Contact Email Address field, enter the email address where you want the results to be sent. When you enter a valid email address, the red X changes to a green checkmark.

5. Click Submit.
The Bulk Changes Contact Change page opens, indicating that your request has been submitted and will be processed within 48 hours. The change request ID is provided so that you can view or change the status of the request.






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