Suspend, cancel, or resume a bulk change request

Any bulk change request in the waiting or processing phase may be suspended temporarily; however, you cannot suspend a request that has a status of Terminated or Completed. Once a request is suspended, you have two weeks to resume the process. If the process is not resumed within two weeks, it is removed from the queue.

Note: Terminating a request might not affect all domains in the request as some changes could have already been applied.

To suspend, cancel, or resume a bulk change request

  1. From the User menu (mouse over the gear icon at the top of the page), click Bulk Actions.
  2. On the Bulk Actions page, locate the request you want to view, and then click the appropriate icon.
  • Suspend—The job will be paused and can be resumed at any time within the next two weeks.


  • Resume—Continue processing a job that was suspended.


  • Terminate—Cancel the bulk job.


For information on the request queue, see "Viewing bulk change requests".

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