The .NAME namespace is the only generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) authorized exclusively for private individuals. It allows domain registrations on the second and third domain levels.

Second level .NAME registrations allow Registrants to register domains like Third level registrations allow Registrants to register domains like

Note: You cannot make any changes to contacts for 5 days after registration. In addition, you cannot enable WHOIS Privacy at registration or for 5 days after registration.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.


Any person can register his or her own personal name. A parent may register the personal name of his or her child, provided that the registration is in the name of the child. The same applies to names given as gifts. All registrations must remain in the name of the rightful owner of the domain. Any individual or entity can register a personal name of a fictional character if that individual or entity has trade or service mark rights to that name.

Registrants can add numeric characters to the beginning or end of a personal name to differentiate it from other personal names. For instance, if is already registered, an eligible registrant may opt to purchase or

Domain formats and availability

When you register a .NAME domain, you can register the .NAME domain alone or you can register a .NAME domain/email-forward bundle.

Note: You cannot upgrade from a domain alone to an email-forward bundle; in order to have email forwarding for a domain, you must purchase email forwarding and the domain at the same time.

You can format .NAME domains according to one of the following examples:

  • (third-level)
  • (third-level)
  • (second-level)
  • (second-level)
  • .NAME second- and third-level name conflicts

Second level registrations that are already in use by a third-level registration are not available. For example, you cannot register the second level domain ‘’ if ‘’ is already registered.

However, third level registrations are available for domains that are already registered at the second level. For example, you can register ‘’ even if ‘’ is taken (provided is available).

DNS requirements

In order to activate a .NAME domain, you must provide at least one functional nameserver; however, you may provide up to six nameservers per domain.

If a customer buys a second-level domain, for example,, the registry controls the DNS for and the customer controls any sub-domains through their name servers. Sub-domains on are not available for registration at the registry level.

If a customer buys, the registry controls the DNS for and the customer controls sub-domains on the fourth level through their name servers. The domain name is not in the DNS based on the TLD domain, and it isn't available for registration.

If a customer buys email forwarding for, the registry publishes the MX records for the shared second level so they can handle email for it.

Note: Any DNS nameservers that were previously registered with foreign registries through other registrars need to be registered with the .NAME registry. In the Domain Management section of the RWI, click Add Nameserver to All Foreign Registries.

Email forwarding

Email forwarding is available for third-level .NAME registrations only. Email forwarding is not available for second-level .NAME domains.

Third-level .NAME registration with email forwarding cannot be transferred into OpenSRS with the forwarding functionality. Email forwarding can only be added at time of registration.

When you purchase a third level .NAME domain, you can also include an existing email address to which email that is sent to the .NAME domain will be forwarded.

The email address associated with a third-level domain based on the domain name. Depending on the domain name, the forwarding email address will be structured according to one of the following examples:

Note: There is an additional cost for the email forwarding feature.

Registering a third-Level .NAME domain with email forwarding

Follow the steps below to purchase a third-level .NAME domain with email forwarding. If you do not want email forwarding, order the domain as you would any gTLD domain.

To register a third-level .NAME domain and purchase email forwarding

1. From the classic reseller interface enter the domain name and click Place Order Manually .

2. Complete the form as you would for a gTLD registration order.
Note: For .NAME real-time registrations, the phone number MUST be in the format: +CCC.NNNNNNNNNNNNxEEEE

  • C =the country code
  • N=the twelve digits of the phone number
  • E=the extension.

The x character is required ONLY if an extension is specified.

3. To purchase the Domain/Email bundle, scroll down the page to the Email Forwarding Option section, and enter an email address in the Forwarding Email Address field. Email that is sent to the .NAME email address will be forwarded to the email address specified in this field.


Registering a third-Level .NAME domain with email forwarding

4. When done completing the form, click Submit.

Note: Once the order is processed, you cannot add or remove an email forward.

Registering second- and third level .NAME domains without email forwarding

Registration and management of second- and third-level .NAME domains, without the forwarding option, is done in the same way as for gTLDs.

Transfer away: Email forwarding

Email forwarding that is tied to the .NAME domain names have seperate auth codes, if you are transferring away, please reach out to to obtain the auth information for the email forwarding. 

Defensive renewals

.NAME defensive renewals automatically renew every year.  The cost is $250.  OpenSRS does not support new registrations.

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