The .XXX domain extension is reserved for those within the adult entertainment industry who are members of the Sponsored Community (SC), and only domains that are owned by certified members of the Sponsored Community will be allowed to resolve.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Sponsored Community

The Sponsored Community includes individuals, business, entities, and organizations that provide online, sexually-oriented adult entertainment intended for consenting adults or for other community members, represent providers, or provide products or services to providers and representatives.

Customers can register .XXX domain names and specify that they do not want them to resolve. If the registrant wants to change the name to a resolving name, they need be validated as members of the Sponsored Community and then modify the domain registration with the membership ID.

On the registration form, you can select an option to specify the way in which you want the domain to be handled. In the RWI, the options are listed in the Additional Information section; in the new Control Panel, the options are available from the Membership Communication Options drop-down list in the Owner Information section.

The options are:

  • This domain should not resolve—Register the domain name but do not allow the domain to resolve.
  • Use Owner contact email below for membership communications—Send all communications from the registry to the specified Owner contact.
  • Associate domain with an existing member ID—Choose this option if the registrant is already a member of the Sponsored Community. Enter the Sponsored Community membership ID in the Member ID field (in the RWI) or the ICM Membership ID (in the Control Panel).
  • Use a unique contact for membership communications (recommended for WHOIS Privacy)—Send all communications from the registry to the specified email address. Complete the Name and Email Address fields  (specify firstname lastname).

Note: If the ICM Membership ID field is not completed, the ICM registry emails the registrant with instructions on how to complete the Membership Application Process to verify that they are members of the Sponsored Community and eligible to own a resolving .XXX domain. Domain names will not resolve unless the applicant has completed the Membership Application Process. This email is not sent if you select This domain should not resolve.


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