.AT Domain Policies

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.AT is the TLD for Austria, and is regulated by the nic.at registry. In addition to .AT names, OpenSRS offers domain name registrations for the following second level domains: .CO.AT and .OR.AT.

.AT is an open registry; you do not have to be an Austrian resident or business operator to register a .AT domain.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.


.AT domains renew automatically.  A domain must be cancelled 3 days before the expiry date to avoid renewal.


To cancel a .AT registration, you need to submit the .AT Cancellation form. This form must be signed by the registrant and can be submitted by email to help@opensrs.com.

If the registrant is an organization, a company stamp must be affixed to the form in the area labeled Company Chop.

Important: There is no refund when you cancel a .AT name. The cancellation must be processed at least 3 days prior to expiry, otherwise the domain will be auto-renewed by the registry.


Registrar to registrar transfers require auth codes. The auth code is set by the sponsoring registrar and is foreseen for the domain holder only who can at any time ask his registrar for the AuthInfo.  With this AuthInfo a domain holder can transfer his domain to any ISP/registrar.

For more information on transfers, see "Transferring domains and changing domain ownership"

Changes of ownership

.AT Registrant ownership changes require a form to be completed in addition to the standard request through our web interfaces. The Change of Holder form must be emailed to help@opensrs.com.


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