.BE Domain Policies

.BE is the TLD for Belgium, and is regulated by DNS.BE.

.BE is an open registry; you do not have to be a Belgian resident or business operator to register a .BE domain.


Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart

As of May 9th 2022 DNSBelgium (the .BE Registry) may require additional validation from a registrant. The registrant will receive an email from DNSBelgium asking to validate online. DNSBelgium has outlined this process here.


Renewals and registration term

All .BE domains have a registration term of one year, and may only be renewed for one year terms, one year at a time.

There is no renewal grace period for .BE domains, so it is important to ensure that domains are renewed prior to their expiry dates. Sixty days prior to the expiry date, a scheduled deletion request is submitted to the registry. If the domain is renewed during that sixty day period, the deletion request is removed and the domain is renewed at the registry at the end of the month in which it would have expired.

If a domain name is not renewed by its expiry date, it continues to work until the end of the expiry month, after which time it goes into quarantine where it is held for 40 days. During that 40 day period, it can be retrieved (reactivated) by the owner; however, the cost to reactivate a domain that is in quarantine is higher than the standard renewal rate. After the 40 day quarantine period, if the domain has not been reactivated, it is made available to the public.

Domains that have been deleted from OpenSRS and that are in quarantine at the registry can be recovered by using the  form in the RWI. When you reactivate a domain that has been in quarantine, the new expiry date is one year from the date on which it is reactivated.

In order to transfer in a .BE domain name that is in quarantine at another registrar, contact Support at help@opensrs.com.

Leap year registrations

If you register a .BE domain on February 29, the expiry date is set to February 28.


Registry WHOIS checking

Registrants are expected to respect the general terms and conditions of .BE's DNS agreement. One of the essential obligations is to provide correct data during the registration process. The .BE registry regularly reviews WHOIS information and when questionable data is encountered, the registry will send an email to the registrant's email address requesting them to update the WHOIS information. Registrants are given 14 days to update their information. If no changes are made, the domain name will be revoked. Registrants have 40 days after the revocation to contact the registry in order to update the WHOIS information and reactivate the domain. A new transfer order is required for domains that are activated while in quarantine, please contact support for assistance with the transfer. 



When attempting to transfer a .BE domain, users may experience the error "Request recognized as harmful and will not be processed." This may occur for several reasons:

  1. The Auth-code being entered in is invalid, or being entered in incorrectly (extra space, etc.).
  2. There are multiple transfer approval emails. Make sure to use the most recent one as each new one sent will invalidate the previous one.
  3. The contact information on the transfer request is not exactly the same as the contact information listed on the domain right now (being one character different is enough).


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