.LI is the TLD for Liechtenstein, and is regulated by the SWITCH Registry.

You do not have to be a Liechtenstein resident or business operator to register a .LI domain.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

DNS requirements

The domain name and nameserver details are transferred to the zone file within 24 hours, after which time the domain name becomes active.

Any modifications to the DNS must be confirmed by the registrant. The registry sends an email that must be responded to in order for the modification to be completed.


By default, .LI domains are auto-renewed 2 days before the expiry date; therefore, to cancel auto-renew, you must change the setting at least 2 days prior to the expiry date.

If not set to auto-renew, .LI domains must be renewed at least one day prior to the expiry date. If not renewed by one day prior to the expiry date, the domain is removed from OpenSRS. After the domain expires, you have two weeks in which to restore the name. To restore an expired .LI name, the registrant must submit a signed request printed on the registrant's letterhead.


Authcodes are required for .LI transfers. The registrant can obtain the Authorization Code or 'Authcode' from the SWITCH registry or the SWITCH partner through which the domain is registered.

There is no change to the expiry date. Renewal occurs at the end of the existing term, within 5 days after expiration. The cost of the renewal is charged once the transfer completes.

If you need the Authcode for a .LI domain that is registered with OpenSRS, email help@opensrs.com.

Registrar, registrant transfers and ALL modifications (DNS, contact changes, etc) require confirmation from the registrant, either by replying to a confirmation email from the registry, or with a fax confirmation on their company letterhead.

For more information on transfers, see "Transferring domains and changing domain ownership"

Changes of ownership

There is no charge for registrant transfers, and the registration term does not change.

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