.MX domain policies

.MX is the TLD for Mexico, and is regulated by registry.MX.

You do not have to be a Mexican resident or business operator to register a .MX or .COM.MX domain.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart


Domains that are not renewed are deleted from OpenSRS the day they expire. They remain in a pending-delete state at the registry for 30 days. During this time, these names can be recovered by submitting through the same Domain Redemption tool in RWI that is used to redeem gTLD's.

For information about redeeming domains, see "Renewing and redeeming expired domains"


Transfers in

Transfers require an authorization code. Registrants can obtain this code from the current registrar and provide by adding a note to the transfer order submitted in the RWI.

Transfers away

To transfer a domain to another Registrar, you need to supply an authorization code; you can obtain the authorization code for the name by sending a request to help@opensrs.com.

Once a transfer request is submitted, the current Registrar has ten days to approve or reject the transfer; otherwise, the transfer automatically completes. If the request is rejected, the transfer does not occur, and the funds are returned.

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