.NYC registration requirements



.NYC registration requirements
If you are offering the .NYC domain extension, please make sure everyone interested in purchasing a .nyc domain name is aware of the requirements outlined below. We encourage all resellers to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations and to properly inform interested customers.

Who can own a .NYC domain
The .NYC extension is different than most new gTLDs. Only individuals and organizations who have a physical presence in one of New York City’s 5 boroughs will be allowed to register a .NYC domain. The following boroughs are eligible:

  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island
  • Queens

Furthermore, in order to complete your .NYC registration, you must also specify into which of the following 2 categories the registrants falls into:

  • Category 1: Organization or other entity that has a physical street address in New York City
  • Category 2: Individual whose primary place of residence is in New York City

Additional requirements

Before purchasing a .NYC domain name, registrants need to accept the following:

  • Registrants must agree that they are in compliance with all relevant Federal, New York State and New York City laws and tax requirements
  • Registrants must remain in compliance with the applicable policies for the duration of domain’s registration
  • Registrants must agree not to license, sub-delegate or transfer .NYC domain(s) to third parties
  • No proxy registrations are permitted
  • P.O Boxes not permitted as registrant address

Real-Time Address Validation
In order for OpenSRS to ensure the .NYC domain is kept purely for New Yorkers, we will validate the owner contact in real-time during registration.

Additional API requirements(API Guide)
When submitting .NYC registration, transfer, or update requests, the following additional attribute is required in the registrant_extra_info associative array:

            registrant_type - allowed values individual or organization


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