.MX Registrations - 2 letter state codes

Here is a list of the 2 letter state codes that the OpenSRS system will accept for registering a .MX or .CO.MX domain.

Aguascalientes AG Morelos MO
Baja California Norte BC Nayarit NA
Baja California Sur BS Nuevo Leon NL
Campeche CM Oaxaca OA
Chiapas CS Puebla PB
Chihuahua CH Queretaro QE
Coahuila CO Quintana Roo QR
Colima CL San Luis Potosi SL
Distrito Federal DF Sinaloa SI
Durango DG Sonora SO
Guanajuato GT Tabasco TB
Guerrero GR Tamaulipas TM
Hidalgo HG Tlaxcala TL
Jalisco JA Veracruz VE
Mexico ME Yucatan YU
Michoacán MI Zacatecas ZA


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